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Do you suffer with painful, inflamed or ingrowing toenails? Have they been infected?

We are able to provide treatment of infected and painful ingrowing toenails that have not responded to conservative treatment.

Very often ingrowing toenails or infected nails can be treated by the podiatrist without the need for surgery.

Treatment for  painful/infected/ingrowing toe nail

In some cases nail surgery or the removal of a section/all of the nail is another treatment option. Removing a section of the nail under a local anesthetic can permanently resolve the problem. Ask your podiatrist at Feet First Podiatry and Nail Surgery for advice.

Nail surgery is not suitable for everyone so an assessment is always performed. If you have any questions please ask.

This treatment is only available after an initial consultation with our principal podiatrist.

40 minutes for initial consultation and 60 mins for Nail surgery.

Consultation £50.00
Partial nail avulsion £460.00
Total nail avulsion £480.00
Surgery on two toes is £520.00

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